Greener Operations

Our direct carbon footprint comes from the electricity we use to power our warehouses and the fuel we use to drive our trucks. We do our best to minimize our impact and drive innovation for improved environmental performance.
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    As environmental, social, labor and governance imperatives come into sharper focus, the business case (again) for putting sustainability at the core of a company’s strategy.
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    Businesses are greening their warehouses to lower costs and reduce resource in pursuit of zero-net energy (ZNE) even without the pressure of government regulations.
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Our Goal

25% CO2 reduction

by 2025, over our 2016 baseline.

Industry Ranking

Top 4% of our industry

and top 5% for the environment.

Our Emissions Reduction Progress

In 2020, Agility’s direct emissions increased an estimated 6% from 2019 levels. Efficiency initiatives to reduce electricity and fuel usage were offset by improvements in emissions reporting, which have increased the number of markets included in our carbon footprint, as well as investments in cold chain warehousing in the Middle East. In 2021, planned investments in solar PVs will become operational, and are expected to significantly reduce direct emissions.

Direct CO2e Emissions By Year And Type (Metric Tons of CO2e)

Highlighted Environmental Projects

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  • Fuel
  • Waste
Agility Abu Dhabi Invests in Double-Trailer Trucks
Agility, a leading global logistics provider, is the first logistics company in Abu Dhabi to operate double-trailer trucks, which will improve operat...
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Agility's Solar Projects will Provide 8+ MW of Clean Power in the Middle East
Clean energy initiatives will include one of the largest solar-roof developments in the region In November of 2020, Agility announced solar projects ...
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Paperless Branch initiative saves time and trees
Agility’s Paperless Branch initiatives involved the implementation of an integrated document management system, which provides a central repository...
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Waste-Free Agility movement away from single-use plastic and paper
Agility offices across the globe have joined the Waste-Free Agility campaign to eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles and paper coffe...
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High Volume, Low Speed fans keep employees cool and save on energy
Our increasingly warmer world has an impact on the safety and comfort of our employees, as well as our energy costs. Agility Hong Kong invested in fo...
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Agility Singapore installs solar to cover 100% of electricity needs
In November 2019, Agility Singapore made the move to 100% renewable electricity by installing solar panels on the rooftops of all of our facilities. ...
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Agility Spain commits to source 100% renewable energy in 2019
This June, Agility Spain has committed to source 100% renewable energy for all facilities (offices and warehouses). The renewable sourcing guarantee ...
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NAS Uganda launches eco-friendly vehicles at Entebbe International Airport
National Aviation Services (NAS) has joined the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority’s efforts to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emiss...
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50% reduction in energy usage at two Dubai facilities
The Middle East, where we have our largest operational footprint, is a climate hotspot. Cheap, abundant fossil fuels means electricity consumed there...
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69% or more reduction in electricity usage at data centers
Since 2011, Agility has been working to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions from our data centers/servers in Irvine, California and Leeds, UK....
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Upcycling at Agility Egypt
At Agility Egypt, our employees found creative ways to upcycle waste from around the warehouse. Instead of using new materials to build a worker rest...
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Agility Kuwait Management Building achieved LEED Silver Certification
The Agility Management Building, which was finalized in January 2017, was built with state-of-the-art sustainability features that maximizes the use ...
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More from Environment

Greener Supply Chains
As a freight forwarder, over 95% of our total carbon footprint is generated by shipments on airplanes, ships, trains or trucks that Agility does not own or operate. Collaboration is key, so we work with shippers, carriers and other supply chain partners to drive a transition to low carbon supply chains.
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