Health & Safety

Even with the right equipment and the right training, accidents can still happen. Agility’s multifaceted approach to health and safety goes far beyond compliance to changing our behaviour, and it’s gotten us industry-leading results.
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Our Health and Safety Focus

A health and safety conscious workplace is a critical priority for Agility. It is the first item on the agenda for every management board meeting. We’ve set a global Target Zero to achieve a zero-incident work environment for all of our facilities. When it comes to the health and wellbeing of our people, no other target makes sense.
Our Health and Safety Progress

Secrets to our Health and Safety Success

How do we achieve and maintain a high health and safety standard across a multi-faceted business with operations in over 100 countries? With an approach that prioritizes building a culture of safety across all branches, including the following components:
Ongoing risk assessments
Ongoing risk assessments
Ongoing assessments of each region and countries unique risk profile help us optimize our efforts by ensuring we address both the needs on the ground and the expectations of our customers.
Behavior-based approach
Behavior-based approach
Agility fosters a work culture where each individual is responsible for everyone’s safety. Employees, and especially front-line operations staff, view reporting incidents as an essential part of building a safe work environment.
Stopping accidents before they start
Stopping accidents before they start
Safety training in on-boarding, risk assessments and a focus on reporting allow us to tailor safety programs to the needs of our employees at each facility, from safe use of cleaning products in office bathrooms to safely operating a forklift in a warehouse.
Fostering continuous communication
Fostering continuous communication
To support ongoing communication and best practice sharing of the global Health & Safety team, tools like our Global Incident Management System (SIMS) enable real time incident reporting and visibility of our safety performance around the world.
Technology to empower operations
Technology to empower operations
Those employees that are most vulnerable to Health & Safety risks are often not sitting in front of computers. Agility’s suite of mobile applications help everyone play a role in ensuring a healthy workplace.

Our Health and Safety Apps


The WeSafe mobile app allows for our global Health & Safety team to proactively identify unsafe conditions in real time, and apply corrective action before an incident occurs. By quickly uploading a photograph of an unsafe condition in any of our facilities, any employee can essentially communicate a risk directly to the highest levels of the organisation in real time. Once raised, no unsafe condition is closed until it has been addressed by a responsible individual on-site. It enables location-based reporting using the phone's GPS functionality and automatically sends reports to the HSSE representative of the country/facility. The app also alerts the initiator via email once a case is closed and action has been taken.

Facility Inspection Checklist

A mobile application within Agility that enables the documentation of facility inspections to be automated and the results of such inspections to be captured for further action. The action and status of any non-compliance cases can be monitored and tracked to completion. The application is able to capture the records of a facility inspection in a non WiFi/ 3G/ 4G environment and transmit the report once the device in back in network range.

Take5 (APAC only)

The Take5 mobile app ensures that all possible hazards are identified and the associated risks analyzed, clearly specifying existing controls and additional controls before work begins. It allows users to carry out mini risk assessments of any task, eliminating any hazards or the associated risk that may change the circumstances of the work activity. The app will enforce the ‘Take 5 by 5’ processes before the user/ supervisor starts any activity or work. It provides the users a platform which walks them through the ‘Take 5 by 5’ processes.

Behavior Based Safety (APAC only)

A mobile application within Agility APAC to enable the documentation of Behavior-based observations are automated and the results of such inspections are captured for further action. The “safe” and “unsafe” observations can be used for analysis to enable the site/ facility to identify training needs, implementation of operational controls to reduce the hazards and the associated risk in the facility. The application is able to capture the records of BBS observations in a non WiFi/ 3G/ 4G environment and transmit the report once the device in back in network range.

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