Agility's Solar Projects will Provide 8+ MW of Clean Power in the Middle East

Clean energy initiatives will include one of the largest solar-roof developments in the region In November of 2020, Agility announced solar projects in Dubai and Jordan that will eventually cut the company’s carbon footprint in the region by 5%. At Agility’s regional headquarters in Dubai, the solar photovoltaic (PV) plant involves the installation of 17,500 […]

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Paperless Branch initiative saves time and trees

Agility’s Paperless Branch initiatives involved the implementation of an integrated document management system, which provides a central repository for all job-related documents. This isn’t just good for the tracking and fidelity of job information, as well as operational efficiency, it’s also good for the environment. An average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper […]

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Waste-Free Agility movement away from single-use plastic and paper

Agility offices across the globe have joined the Waste-Free Agility campaign to eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups. The Waste-Free Agility campaign calls on our facilities to meaningfully reduce or eliminate an important waste stream through changes in behaviour.For example, at Agility’s offices in Mumbai, guests were given small […]

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High Volume, Low Speed fans keep employees cool and save on energy

Our increasingly warmer world has an impact on the safety and comfort of our employees, as well as our energy costs. Agility Hong Kong invested in four industrial High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans that cool down the high temperature of the warehouses on hot summer days, keeping employees comfortable. Six HVLS fans can do […]

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Agility Singapore installs solar to cover 100% of electricity needs

In November 2019, Agility Singapore made the move to 100% renewable electricity by installing solar panels on the rooftops of all of our facilities. The total array will have more than 6 thousand panels and has a capacity of over 2 mega-watt peak. 100% renewable energy generated from the panels will cover all of Agility’s […]

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Agility Spain commits to source 100% renewable energy in 2019

This June, Agility Spain has committed to source 100% renewable energy for all facilities (offices and warehouses). The renewable sourcing guarantee comes in the form of renewable energy credits (RECs) from Nexus Energía, a renewable energy provider active in Spain, Portugal and Germany. RECs come in units of kilowatt hours and offset electricity generated from […]

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NAS Uganda launches eco-friendly vehicles at Entebbe International Airport

National Aviation Services (NAS) has joined the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority’s efforts to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing electric forklifts and tractors into its operations in the country. Twelve new electric vehicles replace traditional diesel-fueled equipment for baggage and cargo handling around the aircrafts, ensuring a quieter and cleaner working […]

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50% reduction in energy usage at two Dubai facilities

The Middle East, where we have our largest operational footprint, is a climate hotspot. Cheap, abundant fossil fuels means electricity consumed there typically generates more carbon-equivalent emissions per kilowatt hour than in other regions. Summer temperatures are projected to rise twice as fast as the global average, with temperatures above 46°C more than five times […]

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