Paperless Branch initiative saves time and trees

Agility’s Paperless Branch initiatives involved the implementation of an integrated document management system, which provides a central repository for all job-related documents. This isn’t just good for the tracking and fidelity of job information, as well as operational efficiency, it’s also good for the environment. An average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper […]

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Waste-Free Agility movement away from single-use plastic and paper

Agility offices across the globe have joined the Waste-Free Agility campaign to eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups. The Waste-Free Agility campaign calls on our facilities to meaningfully reduce or eliminate an important waste stream through changes in behaviour.For example, at Agility’s offices in Mumbai, guests were given small […]

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Upcycling at Agility Egypt

At Agility Egypt, our employees found creative ways to upcycle waste from around the warehouse. Instead of using new materials to build a worker rest area, the team constructed tables and benches using old pallets. Used truck tires were painted to create a garden that beautifies the spot, and an old container became a useful […]

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Topic: Waste

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