Ethics & Compliance

Acting with integrity by doing what is right and complying with the laws of the countries in which we operate is a core Agility value. It is the foundation of a strong ethical culture that guides our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

Our Approach

Set High Standards
Agility sets high standards, including a zero tolerance policy on bribery and modern slavery.
Invest in Training & Awareness
Agility provides Ethics and Compliance training to employees and suppliers to make sure everyone who supports Agility business understands our expectations, policies and procedures.
Empower People to Speak up safely
Agility expects our employees to raise ethical concerns and support this principle with strong no-retaliation guidelines, and confidential ways to raise ethics grievances.

Our Standards

Agility Code of Conduct
Agility’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct applies to all employees in every country where Agility operates. It provides ethical and legal guidance so they can do business honestly, ethically and lawfully.
By doing business with integrity, Agility safeguards its reputation and strengthens trust with customers, employees, communities, suppliers and other stakeholders.
Download Code of Conduct
Agility Competition Compliance Policy
Agility’s Competition Compliance Policy lays out clear standards on anti-trust and competition. It demonstrates Agility’s commitment to business practices that do not in any way restrain trade or reduce competition in the marketplace.
Download Competition Policy
Agility Supplier Code of Conduct
Agility’s Supplier Code of Conduct outlines standards to be adhered to by suppliers, vendors and subcontractors.
The code requires third parties engaged by Agility to verify that they have ethical guidelines and programs in place to guard against corruption, labor exploitation, discrimination and harassment.
Download Supplier Code of Conduct
Zero Tolerance for Bribery
Agility’s stance against corruption includes zero tolerance for bribery of any kind and applies to all Agility employees, suppliers, customers and any other business partner. The commitment is embodied in Agility’s policies and procedures designed to prevent corruption and in the company’s active participation in international initiatives, such as the World Economic Forum’s Partnership Against Corruption Initiative.
Learn more about PACI

Ethics Grievance Reporting

Agility offers all stakeholders a number of ways in which to raise ethics concerns, including the option to do so anonymously.
Via Agility’s Website
Fill out a form that gets sent directly to our ethics team. All information is treated confidentially.
Report concern
Via Anonymous Online Tool or By Calling a Hotline
Use our third-party vendor’s online tool to report online, or to look up a local telephone number to phone in your concern. If you use our hotline, you will be able to request an interpreter for more than 200 different languages.
Call or write to us

Ethics Training

Agility offers online ethics courses in six languages currently. This program reaches all computer-based Agility employees. Non-computer users are provided in-person training in a classroom setting around the standards set in our Code of Conduct. In some countries, we extend our courses to third-party providers to make sure our partners operate according to the same standard.

Training at Agility

Ethics Training at Agility

Overview of Course Subjects

Agility provides training across a wide range of Ethics & Compliance topics, such as:
Ethical Business Practices
· Code of Conduct
· Whistleblowing and Non-Retaliation
· Conflicts of Interest: Recognizing Risks
· Data protection and Privacy
· Global Competition Principles and Practices
· Global Anti-Corruption
· Anti-Bribery: Third Party Agents
· An Obscure Payment
Economic Sanctions and International Trade Controls
· International Sanctions Made Simple
· OFAC and Other Trade Restrictions

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