Small & Medium Enterprises

Achieving global prosperity requires inclusive global supply chains, in which all businesses, regardless of size and geography, have access to affordable, high quality logistics services. Identifying and responding to the needs of SMEs in all markets is integral to Agility’s business strategy.

Inclusive Supply Chains

Small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, are the beating heart of the global economy.
According to the World SME Forum, SMEs account for 95% of all firms, deliver over 50% of GDP, and account for two thirds of formal employment in most countries.

1. The Challenge

To achieve their potential, SMEs need to overcome the hurdles to accessing global supply chains.
Agility surveyed 800 SMEs on the challenges they faced to internationalize. The growing number and complexity of compliance standards, high costs and low quality of logistics services were among the key impediments.

2. The Opportunity

At the same time, our research showed us the extent to which skilled use of technology is increasingly a differentiator among SMEs.
Some 86% of those surveyed said technology is "levelling the playing field" to allow them to operate globally by giving SME's virtual scale they could never attain before or achieve on their own.

3. The Innovation

Acting on what we learned, Agility has decided to invest $100 million over 3 years in the development and launch of Shipa. Shipa is a digital logistics platform designed to help businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers tap into the global economy. Three Shipa businesses meet the evolving needs of today’s small businesses. Shipa ecommerce gives online merchants access to some of the world’s fastest growing and most complex ecommerce markets. Shipa Delivery offers businesses and consumers on-demand, same day, next-day or cross-border urban deliveries. Shipa Freight makes it easy to get instant air and ocean freight quotes, and to book, pay and track shipments online. We’re making it possible for small businesses to see their logistics move online.
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Infrastructure Investment

Strengthening logistics infrastructure and services in emerging markets is essential for an equitable world. Many of Agility’s core markets suffer with massive shortfalls in infrastructure, particularly for transport and communications, restraining economic growth. The United Nations calculates that infrastructure constraints could affect firm productivity growth by about 40%. For Agility, this is a golden opportunity to grow responsibly.
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Ethics & Compliance

Integrity is one of Agility’s core values. By doing business with integrity, honoring rules of engagement, following laws, and being transparent, we build trust with our employees, customers, communities, shareholders, suppliers, and public and private partners.
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Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Agility contributes to several SDGs across a number of our sustainability activities.
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