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#keepcargomoving: Agility’s Donated Logistics Services

When COVID-19 brought the world to a halt, Agility donated services to keep essential cargo moving.

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Agility’s Lebanon Relief Activities

Following the Port of Beirut explosion on August 4, 2020, Agility provided support to a number of humanitarian partners.

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Stationery and Groceries in India

Agility E-Services has supported the education of 11,000+ students, by donating stationery supplies and groceries.

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Kuknoor Village Adoption in Nazimabad, India

Agility E-Services has supported the Kuknoor Village School since 2018, assisting with refurbishments, teachers’ salaries, and equipment donations. Attendance has doubled and continues to grow each year.

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Vocational Training in Tema, Ghana

At the Agility Logistics Park in Tema, Ghana, Agility runs a vocational training program in collaboration with Oiada International, placing 85% of graduates in jobs.

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Chromebooks in São Paulo, Brazil

Agility supports close to 600 students attending São Paulo’s Mão Amiga school through a donation of 40 Chromebooks.

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Literacy Programs in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Since 2016, Agility volunteers have tutored more than 450 students a semester through the Gulshan Literacy Program.

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Agility Sustainability Highlights

Sustainability 2019: Values in Action

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Green Logistics Is Good Logistics

The most efficient supply chains have the least harmful impact on the environment.  

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What Is an Ethical Supply Chain?

Agility’s industry-leading fair labor program governs employee and subcontractor conduct within ethical supply chains. 

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Digitization —> Environmental Benefits

Digitizing supply chains benefits the environment — and your bottom line. 

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How Relevant Is Sustainability?

Agility has the insight to help customers build end-to-end ethical supply chains.